Do you need an NHS dentist in Oxford?

The thought of visiting the dentist is not a positive prospect for many people, and the potential for pain or discomfort are not the only reasons. Dental treatment is quite expensive and the overall cost can add up if you require extensive treatment. At Studental, we welcome new patients both registered via the NHS or privately. Our aim is to provide high-quality, affordable and painless dental services to patients in Oxford, including university students who may not have a considerable budget for dental treatment. If you are looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford, don’t hesitate to call us. Our services At Studental we invest in the latest technology, so that we can provide the best restorative, preventative and cosmetic care possible. Our well-trained and experienced dental professionals provide dental services to both children and adults. These services include cleanings and dental hygiene care, fillings, root canal treatment and crowns, dental implants as well as teeth straightening solutions (including discreet braces). What does NHS dental care entail? Everyone is eligible for NHS dental care and they do not have to undergo a medical or dental examination prior to registering. As NHS patients, you have the right to refuse any treatment you are not happy with and to refuse payment for unsatisfactory treatment. NHS patients also have access to emergency dental treatment within 24 hours. At Studental, you can also choose to have private dental treatment through the NHS. The cost will differ based on the treatment you wish to undergo and your dental needs, but you will be able to choose from a wide range of treatments, including cosmetic...

Building confidence with your dentist in Oxford

Trusting your dentist is very similar to trusting your plumber or car mechanic. It only makes sense to choose professionals in whose work you have confidence. At Studental, we aim to build patient trust in our high-quality dental services – not only do we value dental care, but also we want to nurture confidence and minimise negative experiences. By visiting the dentist in Oxford, we will make you feel comfortable at all time and ensure that you will be looking forward to your next appointment. Reasons to trust us There are many reasons to trust your oral health with our dentist in Oxford. For starters, we treat our patients individually and we will not deal with your problems as if we are looking at just another set of teeth. Our years of experience have taught us that even patients with the same dental problems do not require the same dental treatment necessarily. In creating personalised treatment plans, we take into consideration various factors including your budget and lifestyle. Moreover, we want to ensure that our patients feel comfortable with the treatment proposed and know as much as possible about the specifics in advance. Informed patients are less likely to feel anxious or nervous during the procedure. Another reason to trust our dental practice is the amount of effort we put into our interaction with our patients. Our experienced dentist uses very little technical jargon to explain terms and procedures to their patients. Not only we will help you understand what is wrong with your teeth, but we will also explain in detail all the treatments you can take advantage...

Rarer than hen’s teeth?

NHS dentists can be rarer than hens’ teeth these days. If you are trying to find an NHS dentist in Oxford, and you live or work near the Headington Road, then why not come in and try Studental? We are an NHS dentist in Oxford based on the campus of Oxford Brookes University on Headington Road. You may think, from our name, that we are only open to students at the university, but that is not the case. Everyone is welcome at Studental. The practice is housed in a building that has been designed with people with disabilities in mind. You will find lift access, extra-wide corridors and disabled toilets. What treatments does the NHS offer? You can get all the basic and necessary treatments on the NHS. There are 3 bands of prices. Band 1 This is what you pay for check-ups, diagnoses including x-rays and preventative treatments such as a scale and polish or decay prevention with fluoride applications or fissure sealants. Band 1 treatments currently cost £21.60. Band 2 If you need something more, band 2 covers everything in the above list, plus treatments like fillings, root canal work or tooth extractions. Band 3 This band is for restorations, and covers all the treatments detailed above plus restorations such as bridges and dentures. Band 3 treatments cost £256.50. What you can’t get on the NHS The NHS does not cover cosmetic treatments, so if you want veneers, cosmetic bonding or cosmetic braces, you are going to have to pay private prices for them. You also have to pay private dentistry prices for dental implants. Can I...

Beyond the basics with your dentist in Oxford

It’s great to be on the books of a good NHS dentist in Oxford, but the NHS only covers the basics of dental treatments such as check-ups, fillings, extractions and dentures or bridges. For almost everything else you need a good private dentist in Oxford. Ideally, instead of having to hunt around and get referrals when you need to go beyond the bounds of NHS treatments, you want to be able to access good quality private treatments within the same dental practice as the one you get NHS treatments in. At Studental, we offer great NHS treatments backed up by high-quality private treatments. We are based within the grounds of Oxford Brookes University on the Headington Road, but we are open to everyone, not just students. Let’s take a look at some of the private treatments we offer here at Studental. Braces and teeth straightening Having straight teeth not only makes you look great, it makes your teeth easier to clean and likely to last longer as they are less prone to decay and gum disease. We offer Invisalign invisible braces that align your teeth without being visible. These clear plastic aligners come out for meals and cleaning, saving you time poking around with brushes and floss to remove stuck food. Dental implants Dental implants have now become most people’s first choice for replacing teeth, and sadly, they are not available on the NHS. Dental implants replace the root of the tooth with titanium posts that are embedded into the jawbone. Porcelain crowns are fitted on top once the implants have integrated with the jawbone. Dental implants give you...

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