Finding an NHS dentist in Oxford

It can be difficult to find a dentist accepting new NHS patients sometimes, but here at Studental Dental Care, we are currently accepting new NHS patients of all ages, not just students. Whether it’s time for a check-up or you need emergency treatment, you can give us a call. Treatment available on the NHS The NHS covers clinical treatments that your NHS dentist in Oxford feels are necessary. This doesn’t include cosmetic treatments, but does include any treatment required to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and pain-free. Dentures, crowns and bridges are all available on the NHS, as well as the usual fillings. Braces and dental implants are sometimes covered, but only if your NHS dentist in Oxford thinks there is a medical need for them. NHS charges You will still need to pay for NHS dental treatment, but the fees are generally lower than private treatment fees. NHS charges are split into 3 bands. Band 1 covers a check-up, as well as any necessary x-rays, scale and polish, and further treatment planning. It also incudes adjusting braces or dentures and applying sealants or fluoride treatments to the teeth. Band 2 includes everything in Band 1, plus treatments including fillings, root canal treatment, and having a tooth extracted. Treatment for severe gum disease is also included in this band. Band 3 covers everything in Bands 1 and 2, plus more advanced treatments such as crowns, dentures and bridges. Things such as inlays, onlays and veneers needed for medical reasons are also covered. Free NHS treatment Some people don’t have to pay at all for treatment from an NHS...

Finding a new dentist

It can be hard to know how to find a new dentist in Oxford, whether you’ve just moved into the area or are simply looking for a change. Some dental clinics just don’t have the capacity to take on new patients and it can be hard to find one you’re comfortable with. Thankfully, at Studental, your dentist in Oxford, we can help. We’re actively taking on new patients and are here to give you a warm welcome to our clinic. About our clinic Your smile is everything. It can be the foundation to your confidence, as when you feel good about your smile, you can feel good about yourself. That’s why, when you come to see us, your dentist in Oxford, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to look after your smile. Studental has a team of qualified and well-experienced professionals who are committed to and passionate about looking after teeth and gums. Our dentists want to give you optimal care and help prevent or treat any dental problem you’re experiencing. What we provide As your dentist in Oxford, we can offer dental treatment through the NHS and privately, depending on your preference. We offer a range of treatments, including general and restorative dentistry. We’re proud to say that we’ve been rated in the top 3 for BDA Good Practice accreditation, so you can put your trust in the standards of care we have in place. Unsure what type of treatment you might need? Our highly competent dentists can provide the following: general dentistry, which covers 6-monthly check-ups, assessments and x-rays if needed root...

Still haven’t found an NHS dentist in Oxford?

If you have been looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford and can’t find one to suit, why not consider Studental at Oxford Brookes University on Headington Hill? Our name may sound like we are only available to students in the city, but we are, in fact, open for anyone in Oxford to register with us. As an NHS dentist in Oxford, we offer a range of treatments that are funded by the National Health Service. Depending on your financial status, some of these may even be free. Here is a list of circumstances that allow you to claim free treatment: being less than 18 years old being 18 or older and in full-time education being pregnant, or having had a baby in the 12 months before your treatment began receiving Income Support, income-related Employment and Support Allowance or income-related Jobseeker’s Allowance receiving Universal Credit, having earned less than £435 in the last assessment period having been awarded Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit). There are also other benefits that allow you to have free dental treatment, which you can find on our website. NHS treatments NHS treatments are aimed at making sure your teeth are in good condition. Treatments include: check-ups hygienist sessions fillings root canal therapy extractions fluoride treatments fissure sealants crowns dentures bridges. Treatments that are more about having a great smile are not available on the NHS, but you can still get them from Studental. These include: dental implants teeth whitening white fillings veneers inlays and onlays invisible braces. Having access to an NHS dentist in Oxford can save you a great deal of money, as long...

Meet your student dentist in Oxford

If you are an undergraduate student at Oxford Brookes University, this may well be the first time you have been away from home and are living an autonomous life. It’s an exhilarating and also daunting experience and it can be easy to forget all those important habits your parents spent the first 18 years of your life instilling into you. They probably worked really hard to get you to take good care of your teeth and now that you are away at uni, and a free agent, you might be tempted to forget about boring things like check-ups and brushing properly. But don’t. Your teeth can last a lifetime if you continue to take good care of them, and one way to do this is to register with Studental, your dentist in Oxford. Not just in Oxford, but slap-bang on your university campus on Headington Hill. It could not be easier to come in and register with us. Studental accepts both NHS and private patients. If you are not sure if you are entitled to NHS treatment, we can help you find out when you come in to register. As your dentist in Oxford, we also offer a great range of private treatments, some of which are particularly pertinent to students. Teeth straightening Now is a great time to get your teeth straightened. We offer Invisalign clear aligners that allow you to get straighter teeth without anyone being able to see that you are undergoing treatment. These clear aligners are great for mild to moderate alignment issues. You wear them for at least 20 hours a day and take...

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