Comprehensive dental care

As your NHS dentist in Oxford, we offer all the treatments you’ll need to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. Studental is a modern, friendly dental practice, and we provide contemporary care for your oral health. Whether you need to repair some damage, prevent the spread of decay, or deal with a dental infection, we have the solution for you. In addition to NHS services, we offer long-term transformations such as tooth-realignment as well as one-off treatments like teeth whitening. Going to the NHS dentist in Oxford We see many patients who want to start taking better care of their oral health. Your journey might start with an assessment, before we present you with some options. Our experienced hygienist can help you to keep your mouth properly clean. Repairs at the NHS dentist in Oxford can be done using sensitively-coloured substances that blend in with your natural dental appearance, though there may be additional cost for these. Our NHS procedures aim to make your teeth and gums healthy and stable. As well as these services, we provide long-term treatments that can make your teeth more effective as well as more visually appealing. If you want straighter teeth, we offer invisible braces to private patients, so that your treatment doesn’t attract attention from colleagues or customers while it is ongoing. Modern braces are comfortable and convenient. Replacement teeth There are several ways to replace lost teeth at the NHS dentist in Oxford. Bridges and dentures are crafted with precision, so they suit your individual needs. We also offer dental implants privately. These replacement teeth are attached to small metal...

All-round dental care

Essential oral health care is covered by your NHS dentist in Oxford. At Studental, we’ve been making smiles healthier for many years with our range of effective and affordable dental treatments. We always aim to make long-lasting improvements to your oral health, so that you can enjoy a future free from decay and disease. You don’t need to wait until you’re worried about your teeth before you come to see us. If you book yourself an appointment for a check-up, we can make an assessment of your current oral health and offer you some contemporary strategies for self-care at home. Options at the NHS dentist in Oxford Our treatments range from simple interventions to complex solutions. Many patients see our friendly hygienist to check on the cleanliness of their teeth and gums. With our years of experience and modern dental appliances, we can notice the signs of deterioration well before you’d be able to spot them yourself. Then we can take action to stop tooth decay and gum disease before they cause you serious discomfort. Repairs are available at the NHS dentist in Oxford to restore your dental function and improve the appearance of damaged teeth. When placing fillings, we can use materials that mimic the colour of your teeth, though there may be an additional cost for these. Long-lasting features You might be in need of an NHS dentist in Oxford to replace a tooth or teeth you may have lost. In this case we have several options. Dentures and bridges are meticulously crafted to fit comfortably alongside the teeth that remain. We also provide dental implants privately,...

More than just a simple NHS dentist in Oxford

Gone are the days when dentistry was just concerned with making sure you didn’t suffer from decay or gum disease, removing failing teeth and fixing infections. Of course, these are still the cornerstone treatments that ensure good oral health, but there is so much more on offer. The problem is that only a limited number of treatments, those strictly delineated by the NHS designed to keep people free from pain and with teeth that work, are available at reduced prices. What do you do if you want treatments from an NHS dentist in Oxford, but you also want access to all the great treatments that a private dentist offers? Easy. You register with Studental, the NHS dentist in Oxford Brookes campus on Headington Hill that’s open to everyone. Great looking teeth Ok, so you’ve got the groundwork in place that means your teeth are in good condition. Now, you’d like them to look great too. Here at Studental, we offer a great range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that build on your NHS treatments to give you a smile to be proud of. If your teeth are a bit wonky, you can get them aligned with our invisible braces. We offer Invisalign clear aligners. They can’t be seen once they are in place, so they won’t interfere with you looking good while you receive treatment. Plus, they come out for eating and drinking, so you retain all the freedom to eat whatever you want. Or maybe your teeth need brightening up? We offer teeth whitening treatments to bring out the best in your smile. Unhappy with small imperfections? We can...

Where did all the NHS dentists go?

Having trouble finding an NHS dentist in Oxford? Wondering if such a thing even still exists in the Headington area? Well, there’s one really close by, on the Oxford Brookes campus on Headington Hill. Studental accepts NHS patients and you don’t have to be a student or work at Oxford Brookes to register with us. Just book yourself in for an initial appointment and we can do the rest. If you are eligible for treatment from the Studental NHS dentist in Oxford, you can access various routine services at a reduced cost, or even for free if you are under 18, or having a baby, or receiving certain benefits (please see our website to find out which benefits allow you to receive free NHS treatment). Treatments from the NHS dentist in Oxford The NHS allows you to have 2 check-ups a year, unless we think you need more, plus 2 scale and polishes with the hygienist. If your NHS dentist in Oxford spots decay, you can also get fillings at NHS prices, but only amalgam fillings. White fillings are available at private dental prices only. NHS treatments also cover emergency appointments and treatment that comes from it, even if it takes more than one appointment to complete that treatment. You can also have root canal work and extractions at NHS prices, plus crowns, dentures and bridges. Treatments are priced in bands and the fees can be found on our fees page. You can also opt for private treatments If you want treatments that are not available on the NHS, we can also provide these. For example, you may pay...

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