What dental treatments are covered by the NHS? All you need to know about NHS Dentists.

Fact: people do not go to the dentist nearly as often as they should, and one of the reasons for this is the expense involved. Dental care is no longer a luxury designed for the upper class but is more affordable and available for everyone. Despite this, a dentist’s bill can still be pretty hefty for the average person. Add on the fact that the NHS only offers partial coverage so you, the patient, will have to contribute towards the cost of your care, it might result in you putting your oral health on the backburner. If you are searching for an NHS dentist in Oxford, come to us, Studental, and we will take care of your teeth without breaking the bank. What we offer If you are new to the area, wish to find a dentist listed under the NHS directory, and do not want to fork out for private care, we can provide you with high-quality service for a range of different treatments. From emergency care to general dentistry such as a simple clean and polish, tooth extractions and crowns and bridges, we have your needs covered. Treatments that NHS cover Anything that is deemed ‘medically necessary’ contributing toward the betterment of your oral health and hygiene. This includes dentures if you are missing teeth, root canal treatments for removing infected tissue inside a tooth, and filling cavities. Orthodontic work may also be included if it can be proven that realigning your teeth and correcting your overbite are imperative to maintaining good health. Cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening might boost your confidence and increase your quality of...

Why regular visits to your NHS Dentist in Oxford is so important

What is it about going to the dentist that instills fear in a person? When you are asked to envisage a dentist or a dental room, you will probably picture a caricature of a dentist, a cold and prodding man or woman in a mask shining a spotlight, and a room that smells of harsh chemicals. We promise that this will not be your experience with us at Studental. “Pleasant” is a word often used by our regular patients to describe their appointments with us. How we make the experience easier for you Our waiting rooms are spacious and bright, with tranquil music playing in the background to ease your nerves. Our NHS dentists in Oxford are experts on teeth who are also brushed up on their social skills – expect exemplary service and compassionate care with a smile! Take care of your oral health now so it will not be a massive expense in the future People do not place as much importance on dental health as they do their overall health, which is a mistake. Oral and overall health are intrinsically linked. We conduct screenings for cancer and other life-threatening diseases because early symptoms can be detected in the mouth. Early diagnosis of oral cancer, HIV AIDS and Diabetes can be identified this way, and at the end of the day, could potentially save your life. That said, poor oral health is rarely a life or death situation, but having an unhealthy mouth will restrict your life in various ways. Having sensitive teeth, for one, could mean you cannot eat food that is too cold, hot or...

What treatments can you get via your NHS dentist in Oxford?

If you’re thinking about visiting your NHS dentist in Oxford, you might be wondering about the treatments you can get. Here, we explore what you’re entitled to via the NHS, and explain the bands for charges – so that you can get a good idea of what to expect. The basic principle in terms of entitlement to NHS dental treatment is that it should be considered necessary for the health of the patient. Your dentist decides what is required to keep your mouth healthy and pain free and NHS treatment is awarded in accordance with that. For example, we might advise that fillings, crowns or bridges are required for your dental health – so you could be entitled to NHS help to pay for this. It is possible to get dental implants and orthodontic treatment in this way, but only if it is decided that these treatments are medically necessary. Can you get cosmetic dentistry on the NHS? If you’d like to improve your smile by getting your teeth whitened or having veneers applied, you won’t get NHS help to do so. This is because these kinds of treatments are not considered to be essential. However, as your NHS dentist in Oxford, we do offer cosmetic dentistry to our patients – and we have a range of payment plans to suit your circumstances. How much is NHS dental treatment? Some people are entitled to free dental care on the NHS, but this is dependent on your circumstances. If you are paying, the payments fall into several different bands. Here, we explore those bands and the charges related to each....

7 ways to combat nerves about going to your NHS dentist in Oxford

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they feel anxious or nervous about what it might involve. Here at Studental, your NHS dentist in Oxford, we understand that there are many reasons for people to feel apprehensive about making an appointment. Some people worry about potential pain being involved, others have concerns about not being listened to, and some have negative associations with visiting the dentist from childhood. Avoiding the dentist is counterproductive, because it puts your oral health at risk. People who have regular check-ups are much less likely to develop serious issues with their teeth and gums, because the dentist can spot any potential problems in the early stages. This means that if you don’t go for your check-ups, you are more likely to end up having to get more treatments as you age. But what can you do to combat nerves? How can you go to see your NHS dentist in Oxford without feeling stressed or panicked? Read our guide to find out… Communication is key If you’re feeling a little unsure about coming to see us, talk about your concerns. We are happy to listen, and to address any questions or queries you might have. We are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience, and will do everything we can to help put you at ease. Breathe People who are anxious tend to hold their breath, and this can increase feelings of panic. When you are at the dentist or having a treatment; make a point of breathing slowly and deeply. This will help you to keep calm – and give...

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