Where is Studental located ?

This NHS Dentist in Oxford has a new and modern premises which is located next to the John Henry Brookes building on Headington road. Oxford is a historically famous city, which is extremely popular for its history, as well as its prestigious university. Do you offer a variety of payment plans at your NHS Dentist in Oxford? Payment is of course only required for private patients, each treatment is differing with price, depending on the extremity of the treatment ( for example a filling to veneers or crown work). If you are unable to pay for your dental treatment with one lump sum, there may be monthly finance options available. In order to apply for a finance plan you may need to complete a straightforward online credit application, this can be assisted by someone at our practice, which you can then finish in the comfort of your own home. You can borrow a variety of costs, from as little as £350 for a minor surgery, to the utmost of fifty thousand pounds, for more severe treatments. In order to apply for this monthly finance plan you must have lived within the United Kingdom for three years, and be over twenty one years of age. The cost of repayments will vary greatly from each patients treatment, you will be aware of the price of your repayments before you start your finance plan. The level of repayments will be lower if you are able to pay a deposit. If you change your mind and decide you no longer want to follow through with the finance plan, you may cancel within the...

Do you offer a variety of treatments at your NHS dentist in Oxford?

At our NHS dentist in Oxford we offer a variety of both cosmetic, dental, and orthodontic treatments. We provide treatments for general and family dentistry (such as crowns, fillings, and root canal treatment). We also provide services for hygienist treatments, as we have a hygienist as a part of our large and qualified dental team. We offer tooth replacement services at our surgery from a single tooth loss (crown) to several teeth that can be treated with a bridge or dentures. Cosmetic dentistry is usually provided privately as it does not normally come under the remit of the NHS. Things such as teeth whitening, veneers, and invisible braces all aim to improve the aesthetics of your smile, whilst boosting your self-confidence. At our surgery we offer finance plans to allow a wide range of patients to afford our treatments. Monthly finance plans may be available for patients who are undergoing private cosmetic, dental, or orthodontic work and wish to avoid a lump sum. What forms of general dentistry do you have to offer at your NHS Dentist in Oxford? One form of general and family dentistry we provide are fillings. One reason why an individual may undergo this form of treatment is if their teeth have been softened (the enamel) by acid within the mouth (due to sugar) this causes dental decay, and therefore a cavity is formed. If fillings are left untreated they can become extremely painful and dental hygiene problems can occur, such as gum disease. Fillings can come in two forms, one of which being traditional metal fillings, and the other being white more discreet coloured...

Why choose us as your NHS dentist in Oxford?

At our surgery located within the heart of Oxford we boast a large team of highly specialised dentists. At our NHS dentist in Oxford all of our dentists stick to the guidelines under the General Dental Council (GDC) these strict guidelines ensure all of our dental professionals are delivering the highest level of professional care. All of our dentists and other members of staff aim to provide a comforting and warm environment, whilst maintaining high levels of professionalism. We aim to welcome new patients equally, whether they be looking for work privately, or through the National Health Service, at a zero or decreased cost. Meet our team at our National Health Service dentist in Oxford At our surgery within Oxford we have a variety of highly qualified dentists, each working within in a specific area in dentistry, for example, Vijay Gohil is a member of the joint dental faculties at the royal college of surgeons in England. We also have a dental therapist/ hygienist as a member of our team. William Page is excellent at providing facial aesthetics which aim to create healthy and aesthetically pleasing smiles. William also enjoys providing patients with advice which aims to improve their oral health. What is a dental therapist? A dental therapist can be a huge benefit to many dental practices. A dental therapist can provide the National Health Service with private fillings, tooth whitening, and preventative treatments. What is a dental hygienist? A dental hygienist is a member of the team who can offer private and high quality cosmetic tooth cleaning, national health service gum treatment ( periodontal) as well as...

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