Are you looking for an NHS dentist in the Oxford area?

If you are looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford, then look no further than Studental. We are conveniently located within the Oxford Brookes Headington campus in Oxford and we are proud to offer a complete range of dental treatments to both students and to the wider demographic of Oxford. It has become increasingly difficult to find an NHS dentist in Oxford who accepts new NHS patients. Our door is well and truly open for those patients seeking an NHS dentist in Oxford. We do believe in giving our patients a choice and to that end we also offer private treatment which runs seamlessly alongside our NHS treatment. What can we offer? The best advice that we can give to our patients is to establish a good oral routine as early on in your life as possible. There really is no substitute for general dental check-ups and cleaning and routine dental maintenance to ensure optimum oral health. However, there are times in our lives when, despite our best efforts, we will need dental treatment. To that end we offer a full service of dental treatments ranging from fillings and extractions right through to more complicated dental work such as dental implants, crowns and bridges. We have a whole host of specially trained dentists on our team at Studental, your trusted NHS dentist in Oxford, and we are able to offer a full and complete range of dental treatments conveniently all under one roof. Our team of highly trained dentists specialise in a wide variety of treatments and always stay abreast of the latest developments and technology. We have created...

What can I expect from an NHS Dentist in Oxford?

Located within the Headington campus of the famous Oxford Brookes University you will find that Studental Dental Care can be your go-to NHS dentist in Oxford. Also we do cater for all patients and not just students as our name may imply. In fact, day in and day our we cater for the dental needs of the wider community of Oxford by providing dental excellence in a comprehensive range of treatments. So if you are new in town or looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford, you will be pleased to know that we are now accepting new NHS patients. Why visit us ? Our  passionate and highly trained team of dentists are committed to providing excellence in dentistry from routine check-ups to general dental treatment such as fillings and cleaning, root canal treatment all the way through to restorative dentistry. We have an expert team of dentists on hand able to perform all procedures under one roof. We also offer treatments, such as dental implants where one of our dentists will place a titanium post into a patient’s gum to act as a solid anchor for treatment such as crowns and bridges. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry there is no need to look any further because we offer the very latest in teeth whitening techniques and treatments. For those who are looking for that complete Hollywood smile we also offer porcelain veneers to really give you that sparkle. What technology is available? It’s true that most of us are not all born with perfectly straight teeth. The use of orthodontics has become very popular in recent years...

NHS dentist in Oxford

We are conveniently located within Oxford. With our team of professionals here at Studental, we offer a full service, including general dentistry and routine dental work right through to restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Also our name my infer that we cater only to students but we do also cater for the wider community as well. What can we do for you ? We advocate that establishing a good dental routine earlier on in your life is the best practice for maintaining optimum oral health. To that end, we offer general dentistry, cleaning from our hygienists and x-rays including screening for mouth cancer. The general dentistry treatments that we provide include tooth fillings, extractions and root canal treatments when required. You will find that we also offer a full and comprehensive service of restorative dentistry too, including titanium post implants along with bridges and crowns. If you are conscious about your smile and want to feel more confident when showing your teeth, then look no further, here at Studental an NHS dentist in Oxford, as we are proud to offer a full and comprehensive range of state of the art cosmetic dentistry. Not all of us are born with perfectly straight teeth, in fact, in reality, very few of us are that fortunate. However, here at Studental, we offer a wide range of fixes from orthodontics to porcelain veneers. Not all smiles are created equal and for teeth that require a little gentle persuasion we offer the very latest in Orthodontic solutions including invisible braces. Studental make it easier to obtain that smile that you deserve. We take patient care...

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