A dentist in Oxford for all

We want to let you know that, here at Studental, we aren’t only a dentist in Oxford for students. Yes, we are based at the Oxford Brookes University campus and we love our work with our student patients. But, as a dentist in Oxford, we are here to serve the wider community too.

Our approach is to create a warm, professional environment where everyone feels welcome. We offer NHS and private services as a dentist in Oxford, so we can cater for a diverse range of patients.

Dentist in OxfordOur team of 8 dentists is ably supported by a dental hygienist and our friendly administration staff. Here’s more about the dentists.

Vijay Gohil

Vijay is a certified Invisalign Go provider with an interest in cosmetic dentistry. He has a background in oral surgery and teeth straightening work.

Pranay Patel

Pranay started off in general practice in oral and maxillofacial surgery. His interest lies in restorations and is studying for a Masters’ degree in this field.

Mehul Patel

Mehul is fascinated by the fields of gum health and oral surgery. As well as being able to identify diseases that affect the mouth, teeth and gums, he is also building on his skills to restore and repair the affected parts.

Juni Gurung

Juni has been a practising dentist for 2 years. Her areas of interest are aesthetic dentistry and restoration work. One particular focus for her is air abrasion, which provides dental treatment without the use of invasive equipment.

Imran Bashir

Imran has many years’ experience in general practice. One of his main interests is in aesthetic and restorative dental work.

Shiraly Patel

Shiraly graduated from dental school in 2009. She has a Masters’ degree in restorative dental practice and is particularly keen on preventive and pain-free dentistry.

Catherine Hart

Before joining Studental, Catherine spent a year working in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery team at Oxford University Hospitals. She loves to stay up to date with advanced dental technology and help nervous patients to relax.