All-round dental care

Essential oral health care is covered by your NHS dentist in Oxford. At Studental, we’ve been making smiles healthier for many years with our range of effective and affordable dental treatments. We always aim to make long-lasting improvements to your oral health, so that you can enjoy a future free from decay and disease. You don’t need to wait until you’re worried about your teeth before you come to see us. If you book yourself an appointment for a check-up, we can make an assessment of your current oral health and offer you some contemporary strategies for self-care at home.

NHS dentist in OxfordOptions at the NHS dentist in Oxford

Our treatments range from simple interventions to complex solutions. Many patients see our friendly hygienist to check on the cleanliness of their teeth and gums. With our years of experience and modern dental appliances, we can notice the signs of deterioration well before you’d be able to spot them yourself. Then we can take action to stop tooth decay and gum disease before they cause you serious discomfort.

Repairs are available at the NHS dentist in Oxford to restore your dental function and improve the appearance of damaged teeth. When placing fillings, we can use materials that mimic the colour of your teeth, though there may be an additional cost for these.

Long-lasting features

You might be in need of an NHS dentist in Oxford to replace a tooth or teeth you may have lost. In this case we have several options. Dentures and bridges are meticulously crafted to fit comfortably alongside the teeth that remain. We also provide dental implants privately, which integrate with your jawbone to provide all the power and stability of natural teeth.

You can transform your dental outlook at the NHS dentist in Oxford. It’s never too late to address those problems that may have nagged you for years. Our friendly dentists are committed to giving you a healthy mouth and freeing you from dental discomfort. Having good oral health is an important aspect of a healthy life. We want to ensure your teeth don’t cause you any trouble. Contact us today to book a consultation with your NHS dentist in Oxford.