Caring for Oxford’s smiles

Embracing the technological era

NHS Dentist in OxfordHere at Studental,  our committed staff have been helping to bring smiles to the faces of the residents of Oxford. We are both a private and NHS dentist in Oxford, and have been dedicated to providing a bespoke, patient centred dental experience that is second to none. We at Studental believe that a person’s smile is their most vital asset, and our experienced team of specialist dentists and dental hygienists are on hand to ensure every patient can have a smile to be proud of. At Studental we make use of the most cutting-edge and best emerging technology that is available within the field of dentistry. We feel that by combining the decades of first-hand dental experience of our staff with the latest in technological wizardry – a more informed and mutually advantageous patient/practitioner relationship can be formed.

Patient comes first

At Studental, we pride ourselves in putting the needs of each individual patient at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it is a new patient, or a regular check-up, each patient is viewed as an entirely unique case. Rather than adopting the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry which has become all too common in practices across the country, at Studental, our NHS dentist in Oxford takes the time to get to know each individual who seeks treatment from us on a personal level. By getting to know our clientele through lengthy informal consultations and conversations, the foundations of a relationship that is built on trust, professionalism and care can be laid – and a truly more mutually advantageous dental experience can come about. We believe that – as no two sets of teeth are perfectly identical –  no two treatments should be exactly the same as each other. Rather, each treatment ought to be moulded to fit the specific requirements needed by the individual patient.

Getting the roots clean

Patients who are seeking our NHS dentist in Oxford to tackle general dental issues such as root-canal treatment, can do so knowing they will be seen to in the most professional, discreet and caring manner possible. Root canal treatment is required when the root of a patient’s tooth has become inflamed and infected – generally as a result of plaque build-up caused by smoking or eating sugary or acidic foods. Those who suffer from an infected root of their tooth often suffer from tooth-ache and headaches as a result, and in most cases a dental operation is required to properly address the issue. The process of undertaking root-canal surgery consists initially of a small hole being made in the top of the infected tooth (or teeth). Thereafter, the infected tissue within the tooth’s canals are removed and cleaned by using a specialist dental tool called a ‘endodontic file’. After the infected tissue has been removed and the tooth’s canal is clear, the canals are then filled with a permanent filling, as is the opening on the tooth. Finally, a crown – which is a replica tooth top, constructed from either plastic or porcelain – is placed atop the tooth and sealed using a string dental bonding adhesive. Thus the tooth is filled and the hole is covered up, and the patient can once again smile.