Finding a new dentist

It can be hard to know how to find a new dentist in Oxford, whether you’ve just moved into the area or are simply looking for a change. Some dental clinics just don’t have the capacity to take on new patients and it can be hard to find one you’re comfortable with. Thankfully, at Studental, your dentist in Oxford, we can help. We’re actively taking on new patients and are here to give you a warm welcome to our clinic. About our clinic Your smile is everything. It can be the foundation to your confidence, as when you feel good about your smile, you can feel good about yourself. That’s why, when you come to see us, your dentist in Oxford, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to look after your smile. Studental has a team of qualified and well-experienced professionals who are committed to and passionate about looking after teeth and gums. Our dentists want to give you optimal care and help prevent or treat any dental problem you’re experiencing. What we provide As your dentist in Oxford, we can offer dental treatment through the NHS and privately, depending on your preference. We offer a range of treatments, including general and restorative dentistry. We’re proud to say that we’ve been rated in the top 3 for BDA Good Practice accreditation, so you can put your trust in the standards of care we have in place. Unsure what type of treatment you might need? Our highly competent dentists can provide the following: general dentistry, which covers 6-monthly check-ups, assessments and x-rays if needed root...

Meet your student dentist in Oxford

If you are an undergraduate student at Oxford Brookes University, this may well be the first time you have been away from home and are living an autonomous life. It’s an exhilarating and also daunting experience and it can be easy to forget all those important habits your parents spent the first 18 years of your life instilling into you. They probably worked really hard to get you to take good care of your teeth and now that you are away at uni, and a free agent, you might be tempted to forget about boring things like check-ups and brushing properly. But don’t. Your teeth can last a lifetime if you continue to take good care of them, and one way to do this is to register with Studental, your dentist in Oxford. Not just in Oxford, but slap-bang on your university campus on Headington Hill. It could not be easier to come in and register with us. Studental accepts both NHS and private patients. If you are not sure if you are entitled to NHS treatment, we can help you find out when you come in to register. As your dentist in Oxford, we also offer a great range of private treatments, some of which are particularly pertinent to students. Teeth straightening Now is a great time to get your teeth straightened. We offer Invisalign clear aligners that allow you to get straighter teeth without anyone being able to see that you are undergoing treatment. These clear aligners are great for mild to moderate alignment issues. You wear them for at least 20 hours a day and take...

An NHS dentist in Oxford available to all the local community

Being based on the Oxford Brookes University campus may have given you the impression we only work with the student population. Although it’s true, many of the students do visit us for their dental needs, our doors are open to everyone, both private and NHS. We aim to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere whilst providing access to quality, professional services. To this aim, we have an NHS dentist in Oxford with a special interest in several areas of advanced dentistry and dental surgery, to suit all your restorative requirements. Our special interest team Our team offers in depth knowledge and up to date treatment from periodontal issues and dental implants to repairing damage to the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth and gums. KrutiDesia Kruti has focused on all aspects of periodontal health. This is a branch of dentistry that looks at the structures supporting and surrounding your teeth. Periodontal disease, for example, can lead to the loss of your teeth, attacking these structures, until tooth loss occurs. To this aim, Kruti also practices implantology, replacing lost teeth with tiny, titanium screws that bond to bone within your jaw, thus creating a very stable, strong platform for replacement teeth, such as dentures to be attached to. Kruti is passionate about all aspects of periodontal health and how it affects your oral and general health. Pranay Patel Pranay complements the work of Kruti due to his special interest in prosthodontics. He is accomplished in creating natural-looking dentures, crowns and bridges that can be fitted to dental implants. Pranay wishes to ensure all patients can have full restoration of not...

Is it time to see the NHS dentist in Oxford?

In a world where we are all so busy and have to tackle so many tasks at the same time, it is important to prioritise tasks, especially when they are health-related. Yet visiting the dentist regularly is not a priority for many people. At Studental, we provide quality oral care services and we want to ensure that our patients get all the attention they deserve. If you want to stay on top of your oral health and prevent any problems before they become too serious, then you should arrange an appointment with our NHS dentist in Oxford. Pain Pain usually indicates that something is wrong with your teeth and/or gums. If you suffer from a toothache it is really important to see our NHS dentist in Oxford, even if the pain goes away after medication. A toothache may be caused by: Gum disease Tooth decay Abscesses Tooth grinding Infection Irregular bite. Instead of relying on painkillers, it is imperative to see our NHS dentist in Oxford. Any of the above symptoms are serious enough to cause problems such as tooth loss is left untreated. Bleeding gums If you have sensitive, puffy, red, swollen and bleeding gums, then you probably have gum disease. Gum disease is a serious oral condition that is linked to various health problems. Fortunately, early-stage gum disease can be reversed with a thorough dental cleaning and great oral care at home. If your gums keep bleeding even after treatment, however, you should seek the help of our dentist in Oxford. Bleeding gums are also an indication of diabetes or heart disease. In this case, our NHS...

Is there a risk if I delay my visit to the dentist in Oxford?

A dental check-up is nobody’s idea of a fun activity– however, delaying or postponing a visit to the dentist can have serious oral health consequences. Going to the dentist twice a year has many benefits and there are many reasons for looking forward to this visit. Most dental associations recommend visiting a dentist at least twice a year. However, you may need to visit the dentist in Oxford more frequently, depending on the status of your oral health. Preventative visits at Studental can save you much money in the long run – especially if you are a student. Dental hygiene is important While there are a lot of things that matter when it comes to health, oral hygiene is definitely one of the most important. Healthy teeth and gums can ensure adequate oral function and digestion. More importantly, visiting the dentist in Oxford frequently, can make a difference. Avoid expensive treatment If you are visiting the dentist in Oxford regularly, you are more likely to spend less money on your oral health compared to those who come in only when problems appear. You can’t really feel dental issues such as cavities and gum disease during their early stages, but they can quickly evolve into serious problems. This can mean a lot of wasted time and money. Your dentist in Oxford can diagnose most oral issues at an early stage and save you from expensive and extensive treatments. Plus, we accept NHS patients, therefore overall cost is likely to be less than you imagine. Oral cancer diagnosis Oral cancer is becoming a common occurrence and still, a lot of patients...

A dentist in Oxford for all

We want to let you know that, here at Studental, we aren’t only a dentist in Oxford for students. Yes, we are based at the Oxford Brookes University campus and we love our work with our student patients. But, as a dentist in Oxford, we are here to serve the wider community too. Our approach is to create a warm, professional environment where everyone feels welcome. We offer NHS and private services as a dentist in Oxford, so we can cater for a diverse range of patients. Our team of 8 dentists is ably supported by a dental hygienist and our friendly administration staff. Here’s more about the dentists. Vijay Gohil Vijay is a certified Invisalign Go provider with an interest in cosmetic dentistry. He has a background in oral surgery and teeth straightening work. Pranay Patel Pranay started off in general practice in oral and maxillofacial surgery. His interest lies in restorations and is studying for a Masters’ degree in this field. Mehul Patel Mehul is fascinated by the fields of gum health and oral surgery. As well as being able to identify diseases that affect the mouth, teeth and gums, he is also building on his skills to restore and repair the affected parts. Juni Gurung Juni has been a practising dentist for 2 years. Her areas of interest are aesthetic dentistry and restoration work. One particular focus for her is air abrasion, which provides dental treatment without the use of invasive equipment. Imran Bashir Imran has many years’ experience in general practice. One of his main interests is in aesthetic and restorative dental work. Shiraly Patel...

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