Comprehensive dental care

As your NHS dentist in Oxford, we offer all the treatments you’ll need to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. Studental is a modern, friendly dental practice, and we provide contemporary care for your oral health. Whether you need to repair some damage, prevent the spread of decay, or deal with a dental infection, we have the solution for you. In addition to NHS services, we offer long-term transformations such as tooth-realignment as well as one-off treatments like teeth whitening.

NHS Dentist in OxfordGoing to the NHS dentist in Oxford

We see many patients who want to start taking better care of their oral health. Your journey might start with an assessment, before we present you with some options. Our experienced hygienist can help you to keep your mouth properly clean. Repairs at the NHS dentist in Oxford can be done using sensitively-coloured substances that blend in with your natural dental appearance, though there may be additional cost for these.

Our NHS procedures aim to make your teeth and gums healthy and stable. As well as these services, we provide long-term treatments that can make your teeth more effective as well as more visually appealing. If you want straighter teeth, we offer invisible braces to private patients, so that your treatment doesn’t attract attention from colleagues or customers while it is ongoing. Modern braces are comfortable and convenient.

Replacement teeth

There are several ways to replace lost teeth at the NHS dentist in Oxford. Bridges and dentures are crafted with precision, so they suit your individual needs. We also offer dental implants privately. These replacement teeth are attached to small metal posts that are anchored within your jawbone. This system offers all the strength and reliability you enjoyed with your natural teeth. You won’t have to choose the soft options at mealtimes. Replacing your teeth at the NHS dentist in Oxford can significantly enhance your overall quality of life.

Our affordable oral health processes allow you to take care of your teeth and gums at a deeper level than you can provide for yourself at home. Working together, we can aim to ensure that your future is free from dental discomfort, and that your risk of developing tooth decay is minimised.