Do you offer a variety of treatments at your NHS dentist in Oxford?

At our NHS dentist in Oxford we offer a variety of both cosmetic, dental, and orthodontic treatments. We provide treatments for general and family dentistry (such as crowns, fillings, and root canal treatment). We also provide services for hygienist treatments, as we have a hygienist as a part of our large and qualified dental team. We offer tooth replacement services at our surgery from a single tooth loss (crown) to several teeth that can be treated with a bridge or dentures.

NHS Dentist in OxfordCosmetic dentistry is usually provided privately as it does not normally come under the remit of the NHS. Things such as teeth whitening, veneers, and invisible braces all aim to improve the aesthetics of your smile, whilst boosting your self-confidence. At our surgery we offer finance plans to allow a wide range of patients to afford our treatments. Monthly finance plans may be available for patients who are undergoing private cosmetic, dental, or orthodontic work and wish to avoid a lump sum.

What forms of general dentistry do you have to offer at your NHS Dentist in Oxford?

One form of general and family dentistry we provide are fillings. One reason why an individual may undergo this form of treatment is if their teeth have been softened (the enamel) by acid within the mouth (due to sugar) this causes dental decay, and therefore a cavity is formed. If fillings are left untreated they can become extremely painful and dental hygiene problems can occur, such as gum disease. Fillings can come in two forms, one of which being traditional metal fillings, and the other being white more discreet coloured fillings. Amalgam metal fillings are often viewed negatively due to their mercury content, however there is little significant evidence to suggest that this causes any health issues.

How do I know which filling to get?

Some patients may be torn between traditional metal fillings, or white composite fillings. The advantage of white fillings is that they are far more discreet, and can be matched exactly to the colour of the teeth. White composite materials can be adhered, meaning less damage is done to the teeth.

Do you offer cosmetic dentistry at your surgery?

At our surgery within Oxfordshire we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening. Tooth whitening is a process in which discoloured and stained teeth can be lightened using either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Tooth whitening should only be commenced in house by professionals, however sensitivity can occur. Tooth whitening may require several treatments, if you are an individual who smokes, or consumes high levels of coffee, tea or red wine, your shade may revert back faster. One other example of cosmetic dentistry are clear aligners. Clear aligners are often thought of as to be called ‘invisalign’ however this is just one provider of orthodontic treatment.

Invisible braces are a discreet solution to the alignment of the teeth. Patients may wish to opt for clear aligners if they aim to avoid the obvious orthodontic alternative, such as traditional metal braces.

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