Finding a new dentist

It can be hard to know how to find a new dentist in Oxford, whether you’ve just moved into the area or are simply looking for a change. Some dental clinics just don’t have the capacity to take on new patients and it can be hard to find one you’re comfortable with. Thankfully, at Studental, your dentist in Oxford, we can help. We’re actively taking on new patients and are here to give you a warm welcome to our clinic.

Dentist in OxfordAbout our clinic

Your smile is everything. It can be the foundation to your confidence, as when you feel good about your smile, you can feel good about yourself. That’s why, when you come to see us, your dentist in Oxford, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to look after your smile.

Studental has a team of qualified and well-experienced professionals who are committed to and passionate about looking after teeth and gums. Our dentists want to give you optimal care and help prevent or treat any dental problem you’re experiencing.

What we provide

As your dentist in Oxford, we can offer dental treatment through the NHS and privately, depending on your preference. We offer a range of treatments, including general and restorative dentistry.

We’re proud to say that we’ve been rated in the top 3 for BDA Good Practice accreditation, so you can put your trust in the standards of care we have in place.

Unsure what type of treatment you might need? Our highly competent dentists can provide the following:

  • general dentistry, which covers 6-monthly check-ups, assessments and x-rays if needed
  • root canals, which remove the nerve of the tooth and any surrounding harmful bacteria, in order to stop infection and inflammation, protecting the tooth from further damage
  • inlays and onlays, used to replace tooth structure on the tooth cusps
  • fillings, either white (amalgam) or metal material used to fill in a tooth cavity
  • cleaning for when you need a deep clean to effectively remove tartar and plaque.

How to join

To become a patient at our dentist in Oxford, simply get in touch to complete a registration form.