How our NHS dentist in Oxford can restore your smile with implants

One part of the human body that takes a lot of punishment are the teeth. Over time your diet, physical activities and just general wear and tear from brushing, eating and stress can start to manifest itself in the form of chips, cracks, cavities or loose teeth.

nhs-dentist-oxfordWhile this may sound like a smile destroyer, dental implants can help solve a number of these problems. Here’s a little background information on how your NHS dentist in Oxford can restore your smile with implants.

What are dental implants?

For those not familiar with them, dental implants are essentially artificial teeth that are inserted beneath your gum line and into your jawbone using a surrogate tooth root. The teeth are held in place with a titanium screw that is embedded into the bone and over time this little pocket should start to heal back over again to provide a sturdy base for the tooth.

When are they used to replace teeth?

Your NHS dentist in Oxford may recommend this treatment for a number of reasons, here are just a few.

If you have a tooth that has become filled with cavities or the soft pulp inside is infected and it’s putting your gums or the surrounding teeth at risk, then it may be replaced with a prosthetic one. Or if a tooth has become badly cracked, damaged or somehow knocked out and we can’t put it back in, then an implant may be a reasonable solution.

An implanted prosthetic tooth may also be used as a method of strengthening your remaining natural teeth, by filling in any gaps in your gum line to provide structural support when you bite.

Is the procedure painful?

A common question patients have about treatments is if they are going to experience any pain or if any part is going to be particularly uncomfortable. With implants there will be some minor surgery involved, so it can be a little uncomfortable. However, your dentist will usually use a local anaesthetic to numb the area first. At Studental our team will try to limit any discomfort you may feel as much as they possibly can, whilst they rejuvenate your smile with a shiny new implant.

Advice for keeping your implant healthy

Once we have fitted your implant your main concern should be to keep the site of the insertion healthy and clean whilst it heals. If you don’t regularly clear out any debris or an infection sets in, then you run the risk of losing the implant or potentially damaging your remaining teeth.

To avoid all that we recommend just lightly brushing your new tooth at least once a day as part of your normal oral routine. Dental floss can be lightly slipped around it, but try to avoid rinsing with mouthwash for a while as the area will be sensitive and the chemicals in some brands may irritate your healing gums.

So if you are looking to fill out a gap filled smile, or if there’s a particular tooth causing you trouble that needs replacing then consider opting for a dental implant. To see how this treatment could potentially benefit you, just get in touch with us.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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