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Our Dental Therapist works closely with our dentists to offer the following services:

Cosmetic cleaning

We are now able to offer cosmetic teeth cleaning as an elective
private procedure. Unfortunately the NHS does not fund cosmetic
procedures, including cosmetic cleaning of the teeth. Your NHS
examination appointment with the Dentist will usually last for 15 or
20 minutes. If the Dentist needs to plan further treatment for you,
a second appointment will usually be booked. The NHS covers any
necessary cleaning of your teeth and this will usually include removal
of any hard scale deposits on your teeth if these are causing gum

Therapy treatment

Dental Therapists are able to provide many of the services that a
dentist can provide, and work closely with the dentist to complete
prescribed NHS treatment on referral. Therapists have had advanced
training in the prevention of oral disease and will give specific targeted
advice regarding any of your dental concerns or problems.

Periodontal treatment

Your dentist will conduct a thorough check of your gums at your
examination appointment. For those patients who have areas of
their mouth persistently or extensively affected by gum disease, it
may be appropriate for the dentist to refer you to have a follow-up
appointment with the hygienist.

Full Mouth Disinfection / Root Surface Debridement (RSD)

Periodontal Root surface debridement is often called a “deep scale”
This procedure is recommended when a patient shows significant signs of gum disease.
These signs may include the finding of deep gum pockets of over 5mm, bone loss that may be visible on x-rays and probing, bleeding gums and inflammation.

Debridement procedures are generally completed half mouth at a time, and usually require local anaesthetic and often the application of antibiotic gel into affected tissues.
Expect 2-4 appointments for completion. (varies per patient)

Plaque bacteria and tarter is removed above and below the gum line throughout the process.
Your dental hygiene/therapist will discuss your bespoke treatment plan, requirements and exactly what treatment is recommended.

Regular maintenance hygiene and scaling appointments are essential after such treatment.

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