Looking for an all in one dentist in Oxford? 5 reasons to choose Studental!

Do you and your family need a new dentist in Oxford? Are you worried about the rising cost of private dental practices and need something a bit more affordable? At Studental, we can help!

nhs-dentist-oxfordLike most things related to healthcare, it can feel like the best treatment options are the most expensive. With the overall costs of living prices going up and up, this can lead many people to feel that they have to settle for a lower standard of care with their medical treatments.

At Studental, we offer all of our patients general dental care, while also being able to provide more specialised options typically found in private dentistry. If you want an NHS dentist in Oxford that is also trained in dental implants, we are the surgery to go to!

By why else should you choose our NHS dentist in Oxford over other dental professionals? Read on to find out!

Highly-qualified dentists

You could be forgiven for assuming that an NHS dentist in Oxford only has one type of dental practitioner to offer. With Studental, this is not the case!

Our dental team consists of dentists trained in endodontics (root canals), periodontics (gum diseases) and prosthodontics (dental implants) alongside general dental practitioners, so when you visit our team, you can rest assured that most required services can be provided under one roof!

Cosmetic options

Few NHS dental surgeries are also able to offer their patients cosmetic treatments but at Studental, that is exactly what we can do!

Our dentists can offer a wide range of cosmetic options to improve your smile; from whitening, veneers to dental implants. If you want a dentist that can provide high-quality dental care while also ensuring your smile looks amazing, come to Studental!

Dental emergencies covered!

Surely with all of these services, basic treatments must be missing? This is not the case at all!

At Studental, our team is fully aware that accidents and emergencies can happen. Therefore, our dentists are able to offer our patients same-day appointments in the event of a dental emergency.

Our team will endeavour to relieve any associated discomfort as soon as possible and get you back on your feet in no time at all.

Invisalign provider

In a similar vein, not all NHS dental surgeries are able to provide orthodontic options to their patients. At Studental, our team is a provider of the world-famous invisible braces Invisalign and are trained to help you get that straighter smile using this brace in under 6 months!

Our dentists have undertaken all of the associated additional training and are proud to be able to offer our patients this orthodontic option.

Preventative dentistry

Of course, our team is also able to offer specialised Preventative dental procedures.

If you have gum disease, sensitive teeth or you are looking for a knowledgeable dentist to help you through your pregnancy without dental concerns, our team can help. Our hygienist can help you treat and manage gum disease, help with sensitivity and resolve and pregnancy-associated dental problems.

We are open during lockdown!

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