Looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford?

If you qualify for NHS dental treatments, it’s good to know you can find an NHS dentist in Oxford that also offers a high standard of care. Here at Studental, we want to offer the best possible service to our clients whether you’re a student, a local resident or if you want to come as a private patient. Our ethos ensures no matter what your economic background, your teeth will receive the very best of care.

NHS Dentist in OxfordNot just for students

Although our name is Studental, we are here for anyone looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford. We are close to the university, in our new premises on Headington Road. This means we’re accessible for all students at the uni; however, we are also keen to impress on our local community that anyone is welcome to register with us for NHS dental care.

Our services include routine appointments and check-ups. Due to financial constraints, it can be tempting to skip them: however, they are worth investing in. Preventative medicine, as we know is incredibly effective and extends to looking after your teeth. Our teeth are so important to our health and wellbeing, for eating and for a brilliant smile. If you’ve lost teeth you’ll know that once you’ve lost them, you wish you could have done something to prevent it. The good news is with regular brushing and flossing and our expert eye on your tooth and gum health, there’s no reason for anything major to happen. It makes sense to visit your NHS dentist in Oxford every six months.

But I’ve lost my teeth already, what now?

As your local NHS dentist in Oxford, we offer a arrange of services that can support you if you’ve lost a tooth or teeth including dentures, bridges.

We also offer a wide range of treatments that will address almost any issue. Ring our friendly reception or visit our website for details. We are also always available for a consultation so we can assess you for the correct treatment to give you your smile back. If you’re looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford, come and see us today and we can get you started on a BSc in Smileology.

We are open during lockdown!

Dear Valued Patient

We are delighted to have safely reopened our practice for urgent and routine treatments.

To ensure the safest environment possible, we have made some important changes that all our patients need to be aware of.

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