Our NHS Dentist in Oxford now offers Invisalign

For a long time traditional braces have been the go-to option when you visit your NHS Dentist in Oxford.  These braces are known for their appearance as well as their reliability, but they can often leave people who are undergoing treatment feeling insecure about their smile whilst they are wearing their device.

oxford-nhs-dentist-offerAt Studental it is possible for you to opt for Invisalign treatment, which not only offers a much more discreet approach to straightening teeth, but can also achieve results within a much shorter time frame than other treatments.  This makes it an excellent option for those people who have a sudden urge to straighten their teeth, whether it is to get them photo ready for a big event, or because they do not like the idea of having a fixed appliance in their mouth for a prolonged period of time.

No more uncomfortable putty impressions

If you have visited your NHS Dentist in Oxford before, you may have been asked to bite down on some unpleasant tasting putty to take impressions of your teeth.  This allows your dental practitioner to see the current positions of your teeth.  With Invisalign, you will have a 3D scan taken of your mouth instead.  This is not only a much more comfortable process, but also allows your practitioner to see how your teeth will move throughout your treatment.

Once your initial 3D scan has been taken, a series of images will then be produced from it. These images will be used to make your appliances.  With Invisalign you will be required to wear several different sets of custom-made aligners to move your teeth into their new, straightened positions.

So what are the aligners and how will they straighten your teeth?

Your custom-made aligners are completely removable and clear, making them a lot more discreet than other appliances.  Even though they can be removed, you need to ensure that you are wearing them for at least twenty-two hours a day, otherwise your treatment may not work as effectively.  You can take them out for eating, so you do not need to worry about feeling self-conscious in front of others when you eat in public, and you can take them out for brushing too.  Your NHS Dentist in Oxford will be able to show you how to remove your appliance easily and also how to keep it clean.  This is important, as not cleaning your aligners thoroughly could lead to a build-up of plaque.

You will be given multiple sets of aligners to wear in a specific order.  Each set will gradually move your teeth and must be worn for around two weeks each. They are made of a thin, clear plastic, and fit easily over the top of your own teeth. They should not be uncomfortable or affect your speech, and people should find them difficult to notice.

Depending on how many sets of aligners you have to wear, your treatment time could range from anywhere between six and twelve months.  Sometimes it can vary depending on your individual circumstances, but this is something that our dental professionals can advise you on at your appointment.

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