Providing dental treatment in Oxford


NHS Dentist in OxfordAt Studental Dental Care in Oxford, we are firmly committed to providing residents and beyond with the highest possible standard of excellence and professionalism within dentistry. Our highly trained team of professional dentists, hygienists and cosmetic dentistry specialists are devoted to ensuring that the specific requirements of each patient are met with, in a timely and professional manner that is respectful of their individual needs. Those seeking an NHS dentist in Oxford, can rest assured that they will receive the highest degree of treatment and care of a standard befitting their expectations.

Ahead of the game

Here at Studental, we understand the importance and virtue of a good, healthy smile and as such do our utmost to ensure that each patient who visits us, leaves our practice brightly smiling – or at least with the ability to do so. We believe that by utilising some of the most cutting edge and innovative methods and techniques within dentistry, patients’ needs can be met with greater ease yet with less expense to them. It is also our philosophy that, as no two sets of teeth are identical, no two treatments should be identical either – but rather each treatment should be moulded to fit the specific requirements of the individual. Here at Studental, we provide five specialist treatments within the one practice, tooth whitening, veneers, dental implants, hygienist services, and our emergency dentist service.

Squeaky-clean feeling

Those who seek treatment through our dental hygienist generally do so in an effort to maintain a healthy and full smile. Cosmetic cleaning services, in the dental practice are unfortunately not covered by the NHS. Patients who are seeking treatment from our dental hygienist through our NHS dentist in Oxford, would initially undergo a 15-20 minute referral or examination – during which the extent of the treatment necessary would be gauged and the dentist would decide which method of NHS treatment would be best fitted to the patient’s needs. In cases where a patient’s teeth need to be cleaned or else cause further detrimental damage to teeth or surrounding gums, our NHS dentist in Oxford, would provide a cleaning service which would be used to target any hard scale deposits needing to be removed.

Getting to the root of the problem

For those seeking dentistry such as fillings – which are used to tackled holes in a patient’s teeth  caused by excessive sugar or acidic food consumption – these are available through the NHS. Root canal treatment, which is when the root of a tooth gets infected and inflamed – resulting in severe toothache and headache – is another method of general dentistry which is covered by our NHS dentist in Oxford. The process of undergoing root canal treatment initially consists of a small opening being made in the affected tooth, before removing the infected tissue and the canals within the tooth are cleaned using an endodontic file. Thereafter, the canals are filled with a permanent filling material, and the opening is sealed with a filling, before a crown (a replica tooth-top created from porcelain or plastic) is placed atop the tooth and the procedure is complete.