Regulate your dental costs by visiting the NHS dentist in Oxford

Did you know that quite a few High Street dentists accept NHS patients? If you are a student, in particular, this information is really important since it can save you hundreds of pounds in oral care.

At Studental, we offer NHS services to students or other individuals who are entitled to NHS dental treatments. Our NHS dentist in Oxford will guide you through the different procedures and costs. In the UK, everyone is entitled to NHS dental care in order to keep their mouth, teeth and gums healthy and disease-free.

NHS Dentist in OxfordWhat treatments are justified by the NHS?

If you are looking to undergo treatment with our NHS dentist in Oxford, you should know in advance that there are some procedures that we can offer and some that we can’t. If you want to have dentures, root canal treatment, braces or general preventive treatment (professional cleanings etc), then the NHS will cover it. However, if you want to undergo cosmetic dentistry, the NHS cannot cover it (with a few exceptions where cosmetic dental treatments are necessary for the restoration of teeth that would otherwise be lost). If you are unsure about the treatments you are entitled to as an NHS patient at Studental, feel free to ask us and we will guide you through costs and procedures. Many of our patients opt for a combination of private and NHS treatment. However, dentists cannot refuse you the treatment you are allowed under the NHS and provide it to you privately instead.

Dental costs as an NHS patient

While some patients are entitled to free NHS dental care, most people have to choose treatment from three standard price bands – band 1 includes a dental check-up, diagnosis and preventive care (fluoride varnish, dental sealants), band 2 includes everything in band 1 plus further preventive treatment (fillings, extractions, root canals) and band 3 is all about restoration, including everything in band 1 and 2 plus crowns, dentures and/or bridges.

If you are unsure about the type of treatment you should receive or you wish to learn more about the prices of each band, contact your NHS dentist in Oxford today.