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At Studental, we welcome a wide range of patients, regardless as to whether you are a student, and regardless as to whether you are receiving private or NHS dental care. However, if you are looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford, then we are a great option, and have many treatments available. If you are unsure on what constitutes NHS treatment and what does not, then do not hesitate to contact us and ask. We understand that it can be a confusing thing looking for an NHS dentist, and for some people, such as students, it can seem a daunting thing, however we are here to ensure that it is made simple and appealing.

NHS Dentist in OxfordNHS costs

If you are looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford, then it is important to be well informed on the costs and processes that the NHS follows. If you are a student at university, then it is likely that you will still have to pay some form of charge, however it will be considerably less than what you would normally have to pay under private treatment. It is a misconception that dentistry is simply free under the NHS, as other healthcare often is, so it is important to know what your dentistry may cost before proceeding, to avoid any surprises. If you are concerned or unsure, then please contact us, or research online.

There are three bands that your treatment will fit into, and each one will carry a certain payment with it. Due to the nature of the NHS, you will not need to pay for each individual treatment if more than one is needed, and you will only need to pay for the treatment of the band you fit into. Each band will also cover the previous band as they rise in cost incrementally.

Band 1

Any treatment will be at a minimal cost here currently under the NHS, and covers everything from a scale and polish, fluoride treatment, and even fissure sealants, which are a preventative measure in order to make sure the molars are well protected against cavities. This band will also cover any examinations you may have, if you are concerned about your overall dental health, so any X-rays or advice on dental hygiene and condition will also be covered under this band.

Band 2

This band will cover a variety of general treatments, such as a filling, and root canal treatment and will therefore be at a slightly higher cost. It will also cover teeth extractions, if you have an impacted wisdom tooth for example. Again, if more than one session is needed for the same treatment, you will not have to pay extra.

Band 3

This band is more specialist, and for that reason will cost you more as it will often involve more than one session. This band will cover treatments such as crowns, dentures and bridges, all forms of restorative dentistry.

Band 4 is another section that covers emergency dentistry and will cost the same as any Band 1 treatment which is minimal. Always contact your dentist to get an idea of cost but never let this put you off having dental treatment which is important for your health. If you are looking for an NHS dentist in Oxford, then Studental offers both NHS and private treatment, with a friendly and professional team.