What dental treatments are covered by the NHS? All you need to know about NHS Dentists.

Fact: people do not go to the dentist nearly as often as they should, and one of the reasons for this is the expense involved. Dental care is no longer a luxury designed for the upper class but is more affordable and available for everyone. Despite this, a dentist’s bill can still be pretty hefty for the average person.

NHS Dentist in OxfordAdd on the fact that the NHS only offers partial coverage so you, the patient, will have to contribute towards the cost of your care, it might result in you putting your oral health on the backburner.

If you are searching for an NHS dentist in Oxford, come to us, Studental, and we will take care of your teeth without breaking the bank.

What we offer

If you are new to the area, wish to find a dentist listed under the NHS directory, and do not want to fork out for private care, we can provide you with high-quality service for a range of different treatments. From emergency care to general dentistry such as a simple clean and polish, tooth extractions and crowns and bridges, we have your needs covered.

Treatments that NHS cover

Anything that is deemed ‘medically necessary’ contributing toward the betterment of your oral health and hygiene.

This includes dentures if you are missing teeth, root canal treatments for removing infected tissue inside a tooth, and filling cavities.

Orthodontic work may also be included if it can be proven that realigning your teeth and correcting your overbite are imperative to maintaining good health.

Cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening might boost your confidence and increase your quality of life, but there is no direct link between whitening your teeth and better physical health!

Chat to us before going forward with a procedure to ensure that the NHS covers it. You might find yourself in a predicament where you are left with expenses that you have no idea how to pay off.

If I cannot afford dental care can I receive treatment free of charge if it is urgent?

You are entitled to have specific procedures done without paying if you are under 19 and studying full time, are pregnant or a new parent, you are at an NHS hospital being treated by a hospital dentist, or are privy to certain government benefits.

There are other criterion, learn more here.

Bands of treatment

The prices of different treatments fall into three bands.

Band one covers all the procedures typically performed in the dentist’s chair by our practitioner – a regular check-up, including X-rays, a scale and polish to brighten teeth, and professional advice on how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease down the line. The approximate fee you will be expected to cover is £22.70.

Band two covers all of the above, including fillings, root canal work or removal of teeth, but nothing more complicated than that. You are likely to spend around £62.10.

Band three covers everything in band one and two, including bridge, dentures, crowns and other types of lab work.

Your dental care in the case of an emergency, to relieve sudden-onset pain is included within the NHS referendum. £22.70 is the sum that you would be expected to pay.

Neglecting your teeth because you cannot afford the dental costs is a terrible thing. Chat to us, and we will come up with a financial strategy and advice you need to get help with an NHS dentist in Oxford.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We would like to inform you that due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are currently unable to work as normal following the latest government guidelines.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we feel it is our responsibility to protect you, our valued patients, our team and our families. We have taken the difficult decision to cancel all routine exams, treatments and hygiene appointments.

Please do not arrive at the practice unannounced.

We will be maintaining a telephone service for advice and booking emergency appointments. Dental emergencies include:

  • Severe pain for over 48 hours
  • Facial Swelling
  • Trauma or uncontrolled bleeding

We understand this is inconvenient and it may mean the treatment timelines are extended. We will be able to reconvene normal service once it is safe to do so. If your appointment needs to be postponed, one of the team will be in touch.

Thank you for all your support during these uncertain times.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon.