What is an NHS dentist in Oxford, and why may I choose to undergo dental treatment at an NHS dentist in Oxford?

A dental clinic within Oxford that acts under the National Health Service may have discounted prices available to a wide range of individuals (including students).

nhs-dentistWhat treatments do you offer at your NHS dentist in Oxford?

At our dental clinic within Oxford, we are unique in the way that we offer a wide array of dental treatments. In terms of the variety of categories of dental work we offer, we offer both general, and cosmetic dentistry. In terms of our general dentistry, we offer fillings to our patients who may be suffering from cavities within the mouth (as well as offering onlays and inlays). At our clinic, we also offer crowns, these can be suitable for patients who are suffering from weak teeth, which may require strengthening.

Do you offer orthodontic treatments at your NHS Dentist in Oxford?

Yes! We are proud to say that as well as offering general forms of simple dentistry (such as check-ups for example) we also offer cosmetic dentistry (the most commonly desired form of cosmetic dentistry being teeth whitening) as well as orthodontic treatments. One example of orthodontic treatment we offer is Invisalign, as well as many other types of braces.

Do you offer modern technology in terms of your dental treatments?

In terms of dental technology, we offer the latest in equipment that allows patients to avoid the unpleasant invasiveness of having impressions made manually before receiving retainers, or Invisalign. We have an intraoral scanner which means that we can digitally capture three dimensional photos of your mouth.

What are the advantages of using this modern scanner?

One obvious advantage of using this scanner is the avoidance of use of putty to make impressions, which can be extremely off putting for some potential patients, who are looking to undergo orthodontics. It is also highly precise which means treatment can be better targeted.

What forms of cosmetic dentistry do you offer?

At our clinic we offer veneers. Veneers are essentially wafer thin caps that are adhered to the surface of the teeth, using a dental glue. When undergoing veneers, a small amount of enamel is shaved off initially, in order to give the veneers a good surface to glue to. One of the other forms of cosmetic dentistry we offer is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is essentially the bleaching of the teeth, in order to remove signs of extrinsic and intrinsic staining.

What if I feel nervous about visiting my NHS dentist in Oxford?

Individuals may experience a level of anxiety when visiting their local clinic for a wide array of reasons, one of which being an irrational fear of the dentist (also commonly referred to as a phobia) which may be triggered by a negative childhood experience.Tell us if you are nervous so that we can make your visit as comfortable as possible

Do I have to pay for my dental treatment upfront?

If you are looking to undergo your dental treatment privately, then you may be able to pay monthly for your chosen dental treatment, which can be a huge advantage to individuals who do not wish to pay a hefty upfront cost. However many important non cosmetic procedures are covered to some extent by the NHS.

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