What services does my NHS dentist in Oxford offer?

At our surgery located within Oxford, we are unique in the way that we offer both private and general dentistry. We offer a finance option for our private clients, meaning that our clients are able to pay monthly to avoid a hefty dental sum. We use Chrysalis Finance in order to provide our patients with a high quality finance plan, under their control.

NHS Dentist in OxfordHow can I apply for a finance plan with my NHS dentist in Oxford?

We may be able to offer you a finance plan after we have gone through a few details which you provide. A credit check can be done to check whether you are eligible. This will be done by one of our advisers (this can be done simply through an online application); there are few limitations, besides having to be over twenty one to apply. The amount you can apply for varies greatly with each individual patient, and their situation. Treatment can start almost immediately after the credit paperwork is signed, which can be ideal for many patients with hectic lifestyles and busy schedules.

What if I decide I no longer wish to undergo the finance plan with my NHS Dentist in Oxford?

We fully understand that patients may change their mind after signing the credit paperwork, or their financial situation may change rapidly, leading them unable to pay for their dental treatment through the process of monthly financial payments. If you are an individual who has changed their mind on the financial plan, then we offer a fourteen day ‘cooling off period’, meaning that patients can cancel the plan shortly after they agree.

How much will treatment cost me through the National Health Service?

Through the NHS, fees are minimal, although there may be a cost with varying treatments. At our surgery, we categorise our prices using different payment bands. A band one course of treatment may consist of minor treatments such as x-rays, as well as a scale and polish. Band two treatments cost an average price of around sixty pounds. A band three treatment increases greatly in severity, as well as price, and cost an average of around £270. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, you may require band four emergency treatment which costs an average of twenty two pounds.

How can we be contacted by our patients?

If you wish to contact us, all of our contact information is available on our website. Members of the public can contact us directly through our website, via our email and telephone number. Patients are able to leave a review or a complaint via our website, all of which are available on the ‘contact us’ section.

How do I make an initial appointment?

If you wish to book an initial consultation with us, or simply wish to ask questions about a dental treatment you wish to undergo, then you may book an appointment easily and directly on our website.

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