What treatments does my NHS dentist in Oxford offer?

At our dental surgery within Oxford, we offer a wide variety of general, private, and hygienist treatments. We also offer several forms of cosmetic dentistry, as well as subtle orthodontic work.

NHS Dentist in OxfordWhat types of hygienist treatments does my NHS dentist in Oxford offer?

At our surgery within Oxford we offer a wide array of hygienist treatments, such as cosmetic cleaning. Cosmetic cleaning is essentially an invigorous cleaning treatment that we provide at Studental, where we will remove any hard scale deposits on your teeth, which may cause gum disease. Another example of our hygienist treatments is a full mouth disinfection (also known as root surface debridement). This treatment is more commonly known as a deep scale treatment and usually requires around two to four treatments, and can also possibly require an anesthetic.

Do you offer general dentistry?

General dentistry is an extremely common service that our NHS dentist in Oxford performs, as we cover a wide variety of dental treatments, such as fillings, inlays, and onlays. General dentistry also covers dental crowns, as well as root canal treatment. Dental crowns are either composite or porcelain, and are adhered to dental implants. Root canal treatments may be performed by an Endodontist.

What orthodontic treatments do you offer at your dental surgery in Oxford?

We are unique in the way that we offer a non-messy alternative to creating initial moulds of the mouth, before your orthodontic journey. An Itero scanner is essentially a mess free alternative to a putty mould. This state of the art technology eliminates the need for a hassle filled putty experience, whilst creating three dimensional moulds of your mouth. This highly specialised treatment can help patients who may experience anxiety when visiting the dentist, or any dental surroundings.

Do you offer more discrete forms of orthodontics?

At our surgery within oxford, we offer Invisalign. Despite common misconception, Invisalign is the name of just one provider of clear aligners, being the largest provider of clear aligners worldwide. Clear aligners are a discrete form of orthodontics and have risen dramatically in popularity within recent years. Clear aligners are virtually invisible, and are attractive to those individuals who may feel self conscious with obvious dental work. Clear aligners are suitable for a wide range of customers, including individuals who have previously undergone some forms of orthodontic treatment.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners produce the same results as other forms of orthodontics, but may do so more rapidly. Clear aligners work by alternating the aligner every several weeks, which slowly encourages the teeth to move in a certain direction, therefore resulting in a straighter and more natural looking smile.

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