Why choose us as your NHS dentist in Oxford?

At our surgery located within the heart of Oxford we boast a large team of highly specialised dentists. At our NHS dentist in Oxford all of our dentists stick to the guidelines under the General Dental Council (GDC) these strict guidelines ensure all of our dental professionals are delivering the highest level of professional care. All of our dentists and other members of staff aim to provide a comforting and warm environment, whilst maintaining high levels of professionalism. We aim to welcome new patients equally, whether they be looking for work privately, or through the National Health Service, at a zero or decreased cost.

NHS Dentist in OxfordMeet our team at our National Health Service dentist in Oxford

At our surgery within Oxford we have a variety of highly qualified dentists, each working within in a specific area in dentistry, for example, Vijay Gohil is a member of the joint dental faculties at the royal college of surgeons in England. We also have a dental therapist/ hygienist as a member of our team. William Page is excellent at providing facial aesthetics which aim to create healthy and aesthetically pleasing smiles. William also enjoys providing patients with advice which aims to improve their oral health.

What is a dental therapist?

A dental therapist can be a huge benefit to many dental practices. A dental therapist can provide the National Health Service with private fillings, tooth whitening, and preventative treatments.

What is a dental hygienist?

A dental hygienist is a member of the team who can offer private and high quality cosmetic tooth cleaning, national health service gum treatment ( periodontal) as well as oral health advice.

What is a Speciality Dentist?

A specialty dentist is a dental healthcare professional who has completed further training or study in a particular area of dentistry or orthodontics. Just one example of a member of our staff who has created further specialised training is Kruti Desai who has completed extensive three year training in Periodontology at the Eastman hospital (which is globally known for being an extremely successful dental hospital). Another example of just one member of our team who has a further dental specialty is Pierluca Campana. Pierluca specialises in endodontics. Endodontics are dental professionals who specialises in saving teeth. If you visit your general dentist and they are unable to perform a root canal procedure, you may then be referred to an endodontist to carry out your procedure.

How do I reach you to book an initial consultation?

There are a variety of ways in which patients are able to contact us, all of which are available on our website. Patients are able to book an initial consultation directly through a link on our website. If you wish to call us directly to book an appointment, our number (as well as our email address) are both available on the ‘contact us’ department on our website. Our surgery is open from 8 till 6, meaning our patients are able to fit us in their busy schedule.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following the latest Government guidance, we are pleased to begin planning our return to practice.

We are committed to prioritising the safety of all patients and of our team, and as such there may be differences to how you are able to access dental services for the time being.

Please call us if you have an emergency or need to discuss an appointment.

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