Why you should ask your NHS dentist in Oxford about invisible braces

Braces may seem like they are primarily for younger patients, but did you know that they provide a number of oral health benefits for adults too?

Using modern dental technology our team at Studental is able to craft a customised plastic brace that is transparent, easy to clean and will help you get that straight smile you deserve. Here’s how our team at your dental practice can use invisible braces to save your smile.

nhs-dentist-in-oxfordHow they differ from normal braces

As we all know a traditional set of braces features a standard bracket and wire setup that’s attached to your teeth via an adhesive and once it’s in place it can’t be removed until the allocated treatment time is over. Where the invisible braces differ is that they can be taken out whenever you need, such as when you are eating a meal, brushing your teeth or giving them a good clean.

The braces are made from a see-through, plastic material that can be easily wiped down and the transparent nature of the material renders them almost invisible. Each brace is custom moulded by your NHS Dentist in Oxford to fit your mouth and the goal of this aligner is to exert pressure on key points of your teeth to slowly and gently turn them into a much straighter position.

Is the process painful?

A common question faced by an NHS Dentist in Oxford is whether a treatment, one of our patients is going to go through, will be painful. In the case of invisible braces there isn’t really any discomfort involved in the initial stages, as we are just scanning your teeth to get measurements for your new brace.

However, you may start to feel some discomfort or ‘pressure’ on your teeth after a few days of wearing your new plastic tray. We recommend using over the counter painkillers where appropriate, to ease these symptoms.

Length of treatment

Generally a realignment of the teeth can be pretty lengthy as the process of turning your teeth needs to be slow otherwise you run the risk of damaging them. Patients can usually expect around 12 to 13 months for this particular procedure to be completed, although that can vary in some cases as with younger patients that turnaround time can be shorter.

Tips for keeping the braces clean

After your brace has been fitted the most important thing you can do is to keep it clean, otherwise plaque and bacteria can build up on its surface and you run the risk that these could spread to your teeth. To keep your brace sparkling clean we advise that you use a recommended cleaning solution lightly scrubbed across its surface at least once every other day.

Regular cleaning of the brace will kill any harmful bacteria, stop the spread of plaque and reduce any staining that might be appearing on it.

So if you’re looking to straighten out your smile or if you would like to learn more about the invisible brace process and how it could benefit you, then just get in touch with us.

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